The 居住生活办公室 comes alongside undergraduate students as they choose campus housing, move into APU’s living communities, and find a place that they will call “首页” during their time at APU. Our staff aims to ensure students have appropriate campus housing options, provides logistical 支持—housing assignments, 发行的钥匙, and maintaining student housing records—and offers programming and encouragement to help students make the most of their residential experience at APU.

The 居住生活办公室 is located in Engstrom大厅 在东校区.

Though we offer a graduate housing program, 它是有限的, 所以大发体育鼓励毕业生, 国际, and ALCI graduate students; married undergraduate students; and other nontraditional students to visit the Office of Asset Management to learn about noncampus housing options available.


Living in residence at Azusa Pacific University carries with it distinct privileges and responsibilities. Students who reside in campus housing benefit from living in a community with peers, 结果就是, take responsibility for caring for one another in a cooperative and communicative fashion. Through enriching experiences and opportunities, students build friendships and learn to navigate healthy interpersonal relationships.

Research shows that students living in college residence halls:

  • Are more involved in areas events.
  • Interact more frequently with faculty and peers.
  • Are more likely to graduate.
  • Are more satisfied with their college experience.
  • Show greater developmental gains.
  • Demonstrate greater increases in aesthetic, cultural, and 知识 values.

Residence Life activities are designed to address the physical, 情感, 社会, 精神上的, 知识, and vocational needs of residents while 支持ing their academic experience at APU. 由于这个原因, 全职,新学生 are expected to live in an APU residence unless they request an exemption. Students who in the residence halls are required to choose from a variety of dining plans.

5 Benefits of Living in Campus Housing

Campus housing is often the nicest, 更便宜, and more holistically beneficial option for college students. 这里有 five reasons you should consider living in campus housing.


Residents must respect and comply with lifestyle expectations and all university and Residence Life 政策和程序. Residents are also responsible for:

  • Obeying local, community, state, and federal authorities.
  • Reading and adhering to the rules and regulations outlined in the current APU 本科 Student Handbook,以及那些在 大学目录.
  • 他们客人的行为.


  • Different types of living environments are available for students, including traditional residence halls and self-contained apartments. Several on-campus living communities are accessible to students with disabilities.
  • Each living area strives to provide living-learning programs based on the needs of its residents.
  • The residence halls are managed by a combination of an area director (AD) and graduate resident coordinators (GRCs). These professionals serve as liaisons between residents and the university community. ADs and GRCs are trained to assist students in making choices that 支持 their success in their college experiences.
  • The apartment living areas are managed by a combination of area directors (ADs) and graduate resident coordinators (GRCs). 走廊(鲍尔斯, 夏尔, and 大学公园) has an AD who directs a GRC in each area, while 大学村 has an AD and multiple GRCs. Each GRC is trained to 支持 the residents in their span of care.
  • Each subcommunity in residence halls and apartments is directed by a residence advisor (RA) who is available as a counselor and resource. RAs also assist in orienting students to the living areas and campus, and help plan diverse programs that promote a sense of community.
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